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Go Off Leash

3587365957_dfd90b020aI live in the Northwest, home of many dog lovers (like myself) who adore playing in the outdoors with their furry friends.  Not surprising, off leash dog parks and trails are quite popular.   Ever notice how a dog acts when off leash?  A mild mannered dog transforms into a passionate playmate that runs with abandon, jumps, pounces and smiles enthusiastically.

There may be something to learn from off leash dogs. It seems to me that many workplaces keep employees on leash.  Act controlled and restrained.  Keep a lid on the really wacky ideas.  Why can’t workplaces be more like off leash playgrounds, places that foster creativity all of the time, not just during designated times?

To truly cultivate a culture of innovation, it’s time to adapt an off-leash mindset. Consider implementing innovation management software or other tools to systematically collect and track ideas on an ongoing basis. Reward employees for submitting ideas.  Schedule weekly in-house Creative Café’s where people with challenges seek creative solutions from their peers. Watch as employees flourish in an off leash workplace.

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