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Treehouse Inspiration

treehouseWhen I see  a treehouse, I’m filled with a sense of curiosity and wonder, excited to explore inside. Since my family is in the process of building a treehouse, I jumped at the chance to attended a recent book signing by Seattle author Pete Nelson who shared insights from his most recent book “New Treehouses of the World.”

Pete’s book takes readers on an exciting international tour of more than 35 new treehouses.  Each photo and accompanying description invite you to explore the positive power of treehouses.  As Pete says, “Treehouses have something to say.  They speak in an ancient language, and the message is universal.  Climb up and be in harmony with nature. Let go of earthbound encumbrances and be free.”

Pete’s book reminds me about the importance of creative, inspiring spaces as settings for innovative processes.  Whether you’re out to create a new product or write your first novel, find a creative space that supports your purpose.  Take elements from the treehouse example and bring them down to earth.  Create an environment that feels cozy, brings in natural light, provides access to the outdoors and has elements that delight your mind and  spark your curiosity.  When we conduct an ideation project, we encourage clients to go offsite from their offices to creative spaces such as beach resorts, art galleries or historical mansions.

treehousepointPete’s Treehouse Point, just outside of Seattle, is a new offsite facility that I’m considering for an upcoming project. This facility is “committed to a vision of sustainability while providing opportunities for lodging, education and connection in a unique and natural environment.”  It may be the perfect setting to help spark creative thinking.


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