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Creative Thinking Books

Bookstore shelves are packed with resources that claim to inspire creative thinking and innovation. These five stand apart from the pack.  Ranging from playful to artfully designed to more serious, each book keeps you thinking long after you’ve put it down.

1.  The Art of the Ideaand How it Can Change Your Life by John Hunt

John Hunt is an award winning playwright, author and World Creative Director of TBWA.  He’s created a sharply written and well-designed book that challenges you to think about the lifecycle of ideas.  He presents simple yet profound insights about the creation of ideas in a visually engaging way.

For more information about the book, visit www.theartoftheidea.com.

2.   How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith

This book provides 59 novel ways to see familiar surroundings from a new perspective.  Readers are encouraged to observe, collect and document things like type (exercise #13, document lettering you find out in the world) and water (exercise #25, study and document shapes made by water).  The book has an engaging visual style mixing handwritten text, illustrations and photography.

For more information about this book and others written by the author, visit www.kerismith.com

3.   Slide:ology – The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations by Nancy Duarte

If you want to master the art of visual communication, this book is for you.  It’s one thing to have a great idea. It’s quite another to engage your audience with eye-popping slides that get your ideas to stick.  Slide:ology covers the whole visual presentation process, from concept generation to delivery.  Incorporate some of the ideas to make your next presentation one to remember.

To learn more about Nancy Durarte and her company, visit www.duarte.com.

4.  Five by Dan Zadra

This inspirational book asks the simple question, “Where will you be five years from today?”  Through thought-provoking quotations, engaging graphics and simple exercises, this book gets you thinking in new ways about your future.

Learn about this book and others published by Competium Inc. at www.live-inspired.com.

5.   The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

While published in 2000, this book presents 12 time-tested practices for living a life of possibility and putting a vision into motion.  Co-authored by a husband and wife, Rosamund provides a rich psychological viewpoint while Zander injects real life examples from teaching music and conducting world renowned orchestras.

Learn more about the book at www.benjaminzander.com/book.


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