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What is Your Innovation Temperature?

Take this simple innovation quiz:  How would you describe your innovation temperature?  Are you …

  1. On fire
  2. Crazy busy (don’t even have time to take my temperature)
  3. Below zero

This simple quiz provides useful diagnostic information about your innovation health.

On Fire – If you’re currently on fire, keep stoking the flames.  You likely feel in the flow and ideas come easily.  Sparks fly as you move ideas into action.  You are in the innovation zone.   People who feel “on fire” tend to be happy, satisfied and are living on purpose.

Crazy Busy If only I had more time, then I’d be more innovative. Sound familiar?  If you find yourself in this category (we’ve all been there), other things are taking precedence over innovation.  Got the busy blues?  Time to schedule an appointment with yourself to just think, creative and innovate.  With a little time, you’ll be firing on all cylinders again.

Below Zero – You’ve lost your innovation mojo, or maybe you don’t think you ever had it.  Newsflash…we all create (Ever make dinner, write emails, take photos?) and we are all creative.  We just may not feel like it sometimes.  If you’ve lost your creative confidence, try these simple remedies:  1) Replenish your creativity well with new stimuli (go sightseeing, visit a museum, see a play) or 2) Exercise your right brain to get more creatively fit (finger paint, draw a treasure map with crayons, write a story about your day).  Before you know it, you’ll be overwhelmed by a desire to innovate.

Truth is, it’s natural to move between these different temperature zones.  The trick is to throw another log on the fire while the dying embers can still create a spark.


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