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Boost Your Business by Creating Good

What if there was a way for your business to create good?Do Good

I’m talking about real good.  Authentically good.  Do good.  Feel good.  Deliciously good.

I believe there is a deep flaw in business today.  A gap in our thinking.  A missed opportunity.  Good should not be reserved for non-profits, for discussions of social responsibility, for fringe companies that do something good while making a profit.  Good should be a part of every business vision or mission, whether overtly stated or implied by your actions.

How does good show up in the way that you run your business?

I’m not saying you need to change the business that you are in.  I’m assuming that your business has a clear purpose and uniquely serves the needs of your customers.

I’m saying you should challenge the way that you are in your business.

So the question becomes: How can you put good into your business?  How can good be inextricably tied to all that you do in your business?  How can good be a criteria for decisions you make?

Good may result from the way you build relationships, how you treat your employees, the way you develop products, or how you give back.  There are infinite possibilities.

make it happenTry these simple practices to create something good in your business:

  1. Define what good means for you.  What does good look like for your business and community?  Make a list.  Include big world-changing ideas as well as everyday ways to deliver good.  You can’t create good unless you can tangibly describe it.
  2. Learn to authentically create good.  To create good, apply these five basic steps:  Focus, Imagine, Choose, Develop, and Act.  Focus on an area where you want to create good.  Let’s say that you want to create good in your sales process.  Now Imagine all the ways you could do that.  Some possibilities:  reward sales representative for their volunteer hours in your community, donate 5% of sales to a good cause, or train salespeople to ask customers, “How can I put some good into your day?” Choose one idea to move forward.  Develop your idea and then Act upon it.  Before long you’ll see your ideas spreading good in the world!
  3. Master the mindset of good.  The only barrier to creating something good in your business is — you — and your mindset about good.  There is no limit to the good that you can put into the world through your business.  Period.  Become aware of your current mindset about good, then decide to make creating good a daily practice.

Good is contagious.  When you put good into the world, it returns to you, tenfold.  Good will feed your business.  Fuel profits.  Fill your life.

Let’s all go create a little good today.


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