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Our People

Our People

Our Founder Chris Fagan

Chris has been immersed in the creativity and innovation field for more than two decades. Her trajectory began 23 years ago at Leo Burnett Advertising, where Chris was a founding member of the agency’s IdeaLab. Later, as co-founder of ThinkShop — a leader in innovation consulting for 17 years — Chris galvanized her deep understanding of human creativity, new thinking, and the innovation process as a whole.

An adventurer at heart, Chris is always ready to explore, push limits, and drive to discover new possibilities. She’s helped hundreds of companies explore new terrain, and uncover big ideas along the way. Energetic and enthusiastic, Chris brings keen insight, genuine passion, and unparalleled leadership skills to every project, training, and keynote she delivers.

Check out Chris’s vision for a better way of working here.

Igniter • Free Thinker • Leader • Nature Lover • Catalyst
Ultra Runner • Mentor • Explorer • Speaker • Polar Girl

Our Team

We’re a dynamic group of inspired professionals, each with decades of experience in the fields of creativity and innovation. Our passion shines in all that we do. You’ll feel it. We apply our diverse skills with focus and enthusiasm to deliver new ideas, workshops, and trainings that hit the mark.

Strategists • Creative Thinkers • Do-Gooders • Facilitators • Ideators
World-Changers • Collaborators • Illustrators • Problem-Solvers • Writers

Spark Network

A vibrant collection of creative thinkers from diverse industries and backgrounds, our Spark Network brings the fuel that helps you think differently. Imagine a Sesame Street writer collaborating to create healthy snacks for kids. Or a design prodigy co-creating simplified healthcare plans. Looking for fresh thinking? Our expert network delivers actionable, out-of-the-box creative sparks.

Trend Forecasters • Writers • Product Designers • Sociologists • Chefs
Sustainability Experts • Artists • Generational Gurus • Scientists • And more…