The spark that lit the fire
Our Story

Our Story

At SparkFire, we set out to build a different kind of company. One that boldly breaks through conventional thinking and expands the way we create. At our core, we dare to work and live creatively. On purpose. With passion.

We believe creativity is a portal to transforming our world for the better. It’s a force that’s shaping business, education, and life. That’s why we’re on a mission — growing businesses, inspiring individuals, and spreading creativity like wildfire.

We’re inspired by a better way of working kindled by these ideas and values:

Sparkfire Manifesto

  • Creative Potential. We all have infinite creative potential. When we learn to access and apply it to business, and life, our challenges transform into successes.
  • Doing Good. Doing good is good for business. And higher profits come from higher purpose. Creative thinking accelerates our ability to put good into the world, on purpose.
  • Collaboration. Collaboration is the way of the future. Groups excel when they unleash their collective creativity.
  • The Power of Play. Play awakens creative energy. Integrating play into our day increases positive results.
  • Passion. Passion is contagious — let it shine in everything you do.
  • Adventure. Explore the path less chosen. Take risks, expand your boundaries, and step outside your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed by what you discover.
  • One Life. Work and life aren’t two separate things. We have one complete experience. Bring your entire self to everything you do.
  • Action. There is no perfect moment. Act in the face of uncertainty.