Case Study: Speaking Engagements
National Conference of Bar Foundations

National Conference of Bar Foundations

Learning to create a
vision with impact

The National Conference of Bar Foundations (NCBF) advances the work of all types of bar foundations engaged in law related philanthropy. When the NCBF discovered that more than 75 percent of its local and state bar foundations had no guiding vision regarding the future of their philanthropy, the coalition invited SparkFire to educate their group on the topic.

Founder Chris Fagan’s informative presentation entitled “Vision Building:  Guiding Your Foundation’s Future” provided a roadmap for building a clear, purpose-driven vision that could inform each foundation’s philanthropy for years to come. In refreshingly understandable terms, Chris revealed what a vision statement is; how a clear, effective vision can be developed; and how that vision can positively impact a foundation’s future. For as Chris captioned, “Without a vision, how do you know where you’re going?”