Case Study: Speaking Engagements
New Livelihoods Conference

New Livelihoods Conference

Finding possibilities
in a stalled economy

The New Livelihoods Conference, sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, provided a forum for job seekers to explore new opportunities during tough economic times.

Through her presentation, “Harnessing Your Creativity:  Job Seeking in Today’s Economy”, SparkFire founder Chris Fagan engaged listeners in a refreshingly creative conversation. Sharing a proprietary process developed to intentionally create anything, Chris revealed a simple but powerful way to break through conventional thinking, and open the mind to new possibilities. Job seekers learned how to shift their assumptions about their own job search, and proactively create their own future.

An author who attended Chris’s presentation said, “Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and informational talk about expanding our boundaries and challenging our assumptions. I was so enthused by your thoughtful presentation. It’s been six months since your presentation and I continue to be impacted by things that I learned that day. Thank you again!”