Case Study: Creativity and Facilitation Training
Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer

Infuse a whole company with
creative processes that deliver

Driven to foster innovation companywide, Oscar Mayer repeatedly engaged us to teach our proven creative thinking and brainstorming facilitation methods to various groups within the company.

Our customized trainings, steeped in real-world experience, met each department’s unique needs. More than 40 people participated in a series of immersive sessions that helped elevate the level of innovation and creativity across the entire company.

  • New Product Development Group:  Partnering with the Director of Innovation, we trained a team of rockstar facilitators to plan and facilitate creative, actionable new product sessions that consistently deliver results with impact.
  • Consumer Insights Group:  Partnering with the Consumer Insights Director, we taught creative facilitation methods to mine consumer insights and integrate them into all types of innovation output.
  • Brand Groups:  We helped various brand groups hone their creative thinking and facilitation skills, and apply our tools and techniques to creatively address everyday brand issues.