Case Study: Speaking Engagements
Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business

Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business

Minds charged
to create with fire

The Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business is a vibrant group of women united in the purpose of collaboration, networking, community leadership, and professional and personal growth.

During her “Create with Fire” keynote, SparkFire founder Chris Fagan ignited conversations about new ways of working and living. She reminded the group that to thrive in the 21st century, we must embrace the idea that creativity is everyone’s business. In fact, creativity is a portal for transforming our world for the better — a movement building in momentum within business, education, and life.

Through her interactive presentation style and energetic personality, Chris left the audience feeling energized and ready to apply the four key “Create with Fire” principles to business, and life.

Here’s a sample of what people were saying after her talk:

“I am so thrilled to have gotten to hear Chris speak today. Chris, you were absolutely inspiring and I so appreciate everything you shared! You are a delight!”

— Mortgage Banker, WestStar Pacific Mortgage

“Fantastic! I was completely absorbed during Chris’s presentation and my take away is that I am going to run my business through her ‘Create with Fire’ process. Thank you Chris!”

— Principal, Cascade Accounting

“I’d like to say how much I enjoyed hearing you speak. I learned so much. I also really appreciated how genuine you were. It was so refreshing to hear your stories and know it was all coming from your heart.”

— Special Event Manager, Encompass

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