Case Study: Creativity and Facilitation Training
St. Joseph School

St. Joseph School

Creativity thrives
in the classroom

The principal at St. Joseph School recognizes that to thrive in the 21st century, students need to learn how to problem solve and think creatively. With this need in mind, she asked SparkFire to help infuse every classroom with creativity.

Through a series of hands-on trainings with the K through 8th grade staff, SparkFire taught creative thinking processes and shared a toolbox of techniques to engage children and inspire creativity in the classroom. We played together.  Shared ideas. Best of all, teachers left feeling inspired to try new activities with their students.

Here’s what a few teachers said about the training:

“The hands-on activities were great. I think it really helped to see the activities modeled and understand how to incorporate them into my classroom.”

“The amount of movement and examples of activities were great! And the activities themselves were energizing.”

“I loved hearing all of the other great ideas teachers actually use in their classrooms. I liked getting up and trying new things.”

“I’m fascinated by this concept and would love to incorporate more of this into my classroom.”

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