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The Value of Getting Uncomfortable

Our family just returned from a two-week vacation rafting through the Grand Canyon.  The majestic river, desert hiking, and unplugged atmosphere were superb.  When asked about his trip, my thirteen-year-old son said, “It was awesome.”  With a twinkle in his eye he continued, “I did the most things that made me uncomfortable of any trip that I’ve taken.”  This came from a boy who’s biked through remote villages in Tanzania, climbed to 17,000 feet on Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiked through the … Read more

Slow Down to Boost Creativity

Some years ago I learned from my ultrarunning coach, Scott Jurek, bestselling author of Eat and Run, that to boost your endurance and ultrarunning performance, you have to slow down.  You can’t go out every day and run your hardest.  In fact, your body needs you to slow down and work other systems that support speed.  Going slow on a lot of training days allows your body to recover and perform at a higher level, giving you more energy to … Read more