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Creativity Training

Brainstorming Tips and Tricks Workshop in Seattle

Facing a tough challenge? Searching for fresh solutions? Needing some inspiration to fire up your creative thinking? In this interactive workshop, SparkFire President Chris Fagan reveals simple but powerful ways to break through conventional thinking and open your mind to new possibilities. Discover how to integrate your right-brain creativity with your left-brain rationality and reconnect with your natural ability to create.

This Biz Development workshop, sponsored by the Puget Sound Business Journal, will take place on February 25th from 8:30am

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Ten Tips to Spark Innovative Thinking

To fuel growth, many of our clients are pursuing company-wide innovation initiatives.  We often assist in these large scale efforts by providing innovation processes and creativity training.  A client recently requested a few tips to help individuals think more creatively as their company-wide innovation effort takes hold.  Here are ten tips I shared with my client:

1. Find creative inspiration.  One great way to keep your ideas flowing is to surround yourself with things that inspire you.  Gather a … Read more

Are you addicted to ideas?

I have a confession to make.  I’m addicted to generating ideas.  There is nothing better than a blank sheet of paper, begging for new ideas.  I can easily spend hours generating ideas for virtually any problem, challenge or creative need.  Lucky for me, at SparkFire I work with clients to help them generate breakthrough ideas for their businesses.  When it comes to my own ideas, I sometimes lose momentum when moving an idea from a concept in my mind to … Read more

Is failure a state of mind?

When something fails, it is done, finished, the end.  There is no energy or passion for failure.  Hide the failed idea in the closet and forget about it because it is (whisper) a failure.  We say with a somber tone, “The product failed in market.” “Martha failed to meet expectations for her job.” “John failed his science test.” Yet embedded in each of those statements is an untold story, a journey, something to learn, or to do differently the next … Read more