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Innovative Thinking

Gum Wall

One of Seattle’s unique attractions is found in a nondescript alley near famous Pike Place Market.  It’s a wall covered in gum.  The gum wall, located outside the Market Theater, started in the 1990’s. Theatre-goers stuck their gum on the wall as they waited for tickets.

It’s become a collaborative work of art, an ever changing gum mosaic with great variety in color and design.

The wall has been scraped clean twice, but people can’t seem to stop sticking their … Read more

Creative Thinking Books

Bookstore shelves are packed with resources that claim to inspire creative thinking and innovation. These five stand apart from the pack.  Ranging from playful to artfully designed to more serious, each book keeps you thinking long after you’ve put it down.

1.  The Art of the Ideaand How it Can Change Your Life by John Hunt

John Hunt is an award winning playwright, author and World Creative Director of TBWA.  He’s created a sharply written and well-designed book that … Read more

A Taste of Seattle’s Pike Place Market

There’s no better way to dive into the heart of Seattle’s culinary scene then to pay a visit to Pike Place Market.  With over 500 merchants packed into nine acres, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a hub of delicious and authentic cuisine.  The 100 plus year-old Pike Place Market is internationally recognized as America’s best farmer’s market.

Seattle Bites Food Tours

I arranged for an insider tour of the market from Jan Marie Johnson, founder of Seattle Bites Food Tours.  Read more

Avoiding Crowds

I live a mile from Mt. Si, a popular hiking trail that attracts over 80,000 hikers annually.  On sunny weekends, I avoid the crowds by running on more obscure trails.  About 9 miles into my long run, as the quiet breeze clears my head, the peacefulness (and lack of crowds) gets me thinking.  Crowd sourcing, wisdom of crowds and social networks are all the rage, and for good reasons.  We tap into crowds to source new information, follow consumer led … Read more

Visual Thinking

Last week I attended a training that focused on the power of visual thinking through graphic facilitation.  It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words – and even better, a metaphor is worth 1000 pictures.  Thinking and communicating in pictures and metaphors seems to have reached a tipping point, as businesses from all industries tune into the fact that visual learning is the preferred style for up to 80% of people (ahead of kinesthetic and auditory learning).

Recent … Read more