Our clients speak volumes


On Developing New Products, Services & Ideas ...

We’ve partnered with SparkFire on several new product development projects. For each challenge, they helped our business team surface creative new ideas. I highly recommend SparkFire for their expertise, as well as the high level of partnership they bring to their clients.

— Director of Consumer Insights and Strategy, Oscar Mayer

Working in a high-tech environment with some seriously smart people can be intimidating. Our time with SparkFire was strategic, fun, and inspiring. We took a concept from its infancy, refined it, and developed a workable action plan that we were able to start on the minute we left the workshop. By the end of the day, our team was empowered and excited! It is without reservation that I recommend SparkFire and Chris Fagan as agents who bring creativity, insight, and enthusiasm to any group or organization.

— Senior Vice President, Human Resources, F5 Networks

Your group is top notch! We chose you for your expertise in creative thinking, and experience in new product development. Your strong strategic skills elevated our product-development process to a new level. We are so excited about our strong pipeline of product ideas!

— Marketing Manager, General Mills

We had great success working with your team to generate new business concepts. Your techniques broke through traditional ways of looking at our businesses, and we developed two full business cases that were approved by Qwest leadership for development.

— Director of Marketing, Qwest

Thanks to your unique approach to ideation, we were able to generate more than 170 ideas for new products and services. Thanks for a project that was fun, high energy and productive.

— Marketing Manager, Xcel Energy

On Crafting Vision and Brand Positioning ...

SparkFire helped put our company on the fast track to growth. Together we created a clear company vision, plus product development and marketing strategies that set the course for the future. We crafted a clear brand architecture and powerful brand positioning. And Chris’s dynamic creativity trainings helped us build a strong team, ready to execute. Our investment with SparkFire has paid lasting dividends. I have no doubt that Nunn Design is a leader in our market due to the work we’ve done with SparkFire.

— President, Nunn Design Inc.

SparkFire worked with 50 of us at Hallmark Channel, in three countries. The team helped us create a brand essence and positioning that encompasses the United States, and works equally well in 101 countries and 27 languages! SparkFire orchestrated the project with strategic understanding of our business, creative stimulation, and — just as important — with fun.

— Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Hallmark Channel

Our team of Pepsi marketing managers went through a process that effectively crystallized the combined insights of various team members, leading to a clear articulation of the core equities of our key brands — along with those of our competitors. This work set the course for a major repositioning initiative.

— Director of Packaging Innovation, Pepsi-Cola

The positioning and platform work facilitated with care and ardor by SparkFire poised me to launch my first cookbook. We crafted an authentic and powerful brand image that will propel me forward for years to come.

— Author, Pure Beef

On Creativity Training ...

SparkFire helped our team gel while learning methods for opening our organization to creativity. Our training allowed us to capture everyone’s energy and discover the diverse talent on our team. We are now leveraging that talent toward the development of new and innovative products.

— Marketing Director, Xcel Energy

America’s edge in the world economy is creativity and innovation, yet we don’t really know how to teach creative thinking and problem-solving processes to our students or workforce. Your creative training fills this need. It throws open the paint-box of possibilities for creating everything from art to new products. Its step-by-step strategy is an effective, enjoyable, and meaningful way to learn these important skills.

— Member, Washington State Board of Education

To help our kids thrive in the 21st Century, we need to infuse our education system with creative thinking. SparkFire taught our K - 8th grade staff exciting tools and techniques to bring more creativity into the classroom. We can’t wait to start our second year of training with SparkFire.

— Principal, St. Joseph School

On Facilitation Training…

Chris is a very passionate and effective leader in the creativity and facilitation field. She conducted two extensive training programs for us and coached 30 individuals to facilitate their own ideation or work sessions. She customized the program to fit our organizational needs, and the results were fantastic. Chris has also lead several concept-ideation sessions for our New Product Development group. You will not be sorry that you hired Chris to facilitate or train your people.

— Director of Innovation, Kraft/Oscar Mayer

Your creativity training provides an amazing approach for bringing fresh ideas to an issue. The process helps you clearly articulate your goals, making the paths to execution crystal clear and so exciting! I'll use this learning over and over again, both personally and professionally!

— Consumer Insights Manager, General Mills

On Speaking Engagements ...

One word describes Chris – amazing! When she spoke to our group, everyone got it! She spoke with such energy and inspiration and broke it down to make success doable for our team of sales consultants. Her personality and techniques speak to everyone. Her positive, interactive session delivered immediate results.

— Sales Manager, Partylite

I am so thrilled to have gotten to hear Chris speak today. Chris, you were absolutely inspiring and I so appreciate everything you shared! You are a delight!

— Mortgage Banker, WestStar Pacific Mortgage

Fantastic! I was completely absorbed during Chris’s presentation and my take away is that I am going to run my business through her ‘Create with Fire’ process. Thank you Chris!

— Principal, Cascade Accounting

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed hearing you speak. I learned so much. I also really appreciated how genuine you were. It was so refreshing to hear your stories and know it was all coming from your heart.

— Special Event Manager, Encompass

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and informational talk about expanding our boundaries and challenging our assumptions. I was so enthused by your thoughtful presentation. It’s been 6 months since your presentation and I continue to be impacted by things that I learned that day. Thank you again!

— Writer and Author