Identify your brand’s unique power and value
Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

When brand positioning comes from a brand’s essential core, it’s magnetic. An authentic message speaks to the minds and hearts of your target, attracting them to your truth and purpose.

Using the latest trends, customer perceptions, the competitive landscape, and your brand’s history as our foundation, we’ll explore, dig deep, and unearth the benefits and values your customers can’t live without. Those treasures are the essence — the fire at the heart of your brand.

You’ll see your brand personality come to life — clearly understanding how it fits into the mix, and how you can optimize your position in the marketplace.

Check out a few of our well positioned clients.

Your team worked with 50 of us at Hallmark Channel, in three countries. You helped us create a brand essence and positioning that encompasses the United States, and works equally well in 101 countries and 27 languages! You orchestrated the project with strategic understanding of our business, creative stimulation, and — just as important — with fun.

— Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Hallmark Channel