Pump up your creative capacity
Creativity Training

Creativity Training

Creativity’s gotten a bad rap over the years. Some business-minded folks think it’s an “extra” — a luxury reserved for artists at the top of their game. Others might tell you its frivolous with no bottom-line. But the truth about creativity and its profound affect on … well, everything, is astonishing.

Fact is, we’re all born to create. And if we want to thrive — in everything we do — each of us needs an agile, flexible mind, and the inspired thinking that naturally flows from it. Here’s where SparkFire’s got you covered.

Learn the skills you need to generate great ideas, and bring your best creative thinking forward. Discover how to integrate your right-brain creativity with your left-brain rationality. Reconnect with your natural ability to create. Then watch great ideas happen.

SparkFire Creativity Training

We offer a spectrum of training options, all with a focus on seriously boosting your creative capacity:

  • Customized trainings for work groups, departments, and entire organizations
  • Public trainings for individuals, consultants, and world-changers
  • Fuel Your Fire and Create on Demand workshops, retreats and keynotes
  • Free Creative Fitness Program with bright ideas, tools, and techniques delivered fresh to your inbox every few weeks

Check out the breakthroughs made by our best and brightest.

SparkFire helped our team gel while learning methods for opening our organization to creativity. Our training allowed us to capture everyone’s energy and discover the diverse talent on our team. We are now leveraging that talent toward the development of new and innovative products.

— Marketing Director, Xcel Energy