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Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaking

Fuel Your Fire KeynoteFounder Chris Fagan is passionate about helping you better your business, and your life. A gifted keynote speaker at conferences, off-sites, workshops or retreats, Chris will transport you to a world of possibilities fueled by your imagination. She’ll expand the way you think. And she’ll demonstrate how you can successfully power your future.

With inspired storytelling rooted in bold authenticity, Chris mines her professional and personal experience to deliver presentations with impact. Whether sharing insights gained from 20 years in the field of creativity and innovation, or drawing from polar adventuring, ultra running or mountaineering, each keynote blends inspiration with activation. Topics include:

  • Adventures in Innovation: Ten lessons in innovation from Chris’ history-making expedition to the South Pole
  • Fuel Your Fire: Top strategies to fuel creative thinking in individuals, and increase innovation in your organization
  • Create on Demand: A five step process to deliberately create breakthrough ideas, with proven results from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups
  • Build a Creatively Fit Culture: Strategies to understand creative thinking styles and build a culture that fosters creativity, risk-taking and innovation
  • Don’t Just Brainstorm … SparkStorm: Learn to turn up the heat on your brainstorming sessions by avoiding common mistakes and implementing proven tips and techniques

Through her interactive presentation style and enthusiastic personality, Chris leaves audiences feeling energized — ready to embrace new mindsets, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas in work, and in life.

View her recent TedTalk-Style presentation at Business Theatre Live and spark your fire.

Amazing! Besides delivering an inspiring presentation filled with passion, Chris provided three actionable strategies to help me increase my success at work.

— Marketing VP, Fortune 500 company