Creative Fitness
Creative Fitness

A program to unleash your creative potential

Creative Fitness ProgramCreative fitness often mirrors physical fitness — people start out strong, set lofty goals, but quickly slip back into old habits.

Like a favorite physical-fitness trainer, we’ll provide engaging exercises, help keep you on track, and add in a healthy dose of fun. We’ll be your partner in creative fitness.

Here’s our promise. Every two weeks, we’ll deliver an email with tips, exercises, and advice to increase your creative confidence and effectiveness.

We’ll energize your natural creativity in a variety of ways:

  • Stretch your mind to build flexibility of thinking
  • Explore your creative strengths and weaknesses to find your optimum balance
  • Build your toolbox of creative-thinking techniques so you can better create on demand
  • Make creativity a habitual part of your day
  • Reach outside your comfort zone to build your creative confidence

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