Five exercises to help name anything

Naming ExercisesSearching for the perfect name for your company, brand, or new pet fish? Seems the best names balance right-brain creativity and left-brain rationality.

We’ll admit, it’s a challenge to find a simple, easy to pronounce, unique, all encompassing name. But we can get you started.

In this free download, you’ll get five foolproof exercises to get your brain humming:

  • Brainstorm from A to Z to make random connections that spark new names
  • Force-fit words and ideas into surprising mash-ups
  • Travel to corners of the earth searching for culturally inspired names
  • Consider people, brands, or places that embody the spirit of what you’re naming
  • Use all five senses to sniff out, taste-test, or amplify the perfect name

Download These Exercises

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