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Strategies to Fuel Your Fire

Learn three red-hot strategies for success to apply to your business and life from SparkFire’s Chris Fagan. In her recent TedTalk-Style presentation at Business Theatre Live, she describes how she found fire in the coldest place on earth, Antarctica, and leaves you inspired to reach for new possibilities.  Take a 17-minute break, watch her talk, and spark your fire.


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Brainstorming Tips and Tricks Workshop in Seattle

Facing a tough challenge? Searching for fresh solutions? Needing some inspiration to fire up your creative thinking? In this interactive workshop, SparkFire President Chris Fagan reveals simple but powerful ways to break through conventional thinking and open your mind to new possibilities. Discover how to integrate your right-brain creativity with your left-brain rationality and reconnect with your natural ability to create.

This Biz Development workshop, sponsored by the Puget Sound Business Journal, will take place on February 25th from 8:30am

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SparkFire President Chris Fagan Heads to the South Pole!

SparkFire helps businesses and entrepreneurs ignite creativity, imagine possibilities, and push outside comfort zones.  Now SparkFire’s President Chris Fagan puts these principles into practice on a personal quest in Antarctica.

In late November, Chris Fagan and her husband Marty will fly to Antarctica to set off on an expedition with no guides or resupply. They will attempt to become the first American married couple to ski 570 miles from the edge of the continent, where land meets sea, to the Read more